Our Products

Our Products

All Wiper Technik products are of the highest quality, including car wiper blades, washer pumps and more in Warrington.

We only work with QA accredited manufacturers and all parts we manufacture or source are produced to exacting standards and must pass rigorous QC testing before being added to our range.

Car Wiper Blades WarringtonWiper Blades

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Our wiper blades rival both in performance and range the best OEM’s currently available in the market.

The Wiper Technik wiper blade and wiper arm programme now includes all popular front / rear applications with bespoke lengths where required.

We cover the conventional metal / plastic frame wiper blades to the latest design flat blades for car, van and CV.

Our natural rubber wiping elements guarantee performance under extreme conditions.

Windscreen Washer Pumps and Accessories 

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With the introduction of our own range of washer pumps and accessories, we now offer to our customers a one-stop shop opportunity for all their wiper requirements.

The Wiper Technik washer pump and associated parts range covers most UK applications from the smallest car to the largest truck.

Our washer pumps are either exact replacement or a universal fit and are available in 12Volt and 24Volt versions.

Locking and Non-locking Fuel Parts

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The Wiper Technik locking and non-locking fuel cap range doesn't only include standard replacement caps and the more performance styled fuel caps, but also the blue caps for the AdBlue / Urea tank.

All our fuel caps are manufactured from high-quality OEM type materials to the EEC directive 70/221 ensuring maximum performance and safety during operation.

Gasket and oil seals

Oil Seals

Our range of gaskets and oils Seals covers in-depth the following makes:

  • Land Rover
  • MG
  • Triumph
  • Scania

For these makes, we have available either individual gaskets and oil seals where applicable or complete sets to re-build the engine or gearbox.

We are also able to offer specific gaskets to customer requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs today. 

Our technical team has in excess of 20 years experience in gasket manufacturing and will be happy to assist you.